As social entrepreneurs, we are the sorts of people who believe that the world would be a better place if everyone made a sincere effort to do a little good. Beginning in 2012 we decided to take ten percent of our profits from Peacock Pavilions and create an association called Project Soar Marrakesh. The idea for Project Soar is simple: it is to help our village, Douar Ladaam, to soar a little higher. As parents, we particularly wanted to help the children, and especially the girls.

Project Soar now has grown to comprise different projects and goals. They include: 

      Project Play:       Serves underprivileged Moroccan village girls, between the ages of 5 and 13, make art, do sports,   learn, play, and have fun. Also helps Moroccan youth play soccer.

      Project Learn:   Aids three rural village schools outside of Marrakesh with renovation efforts.

      Project Pride:    Supports the businesses and families of Douar Ladaam to work and live in a more dignified village   through design and rehabilitation activities.

When you book a stay at Peacock Pavilions, you are not just booking a chic place to stay, you’re giving back. We are proud to be Marrakesh’s do good design B&B.


Would you like to help? Buy a bike or art supplies or sponsor a monthly music instructor for Project Play? Or perhaps you’d like to donate some much needed cash for school renovations for Project Learn? We’d love it! See here for more ideas and learn how to get involved. Donate